Where Do I Send My T2 Corporate Tax Return

Preparing corporate tax returns for Canadian clients can be a big business. It is important to note that the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) treats corporate returns separately or differently from personal returns. It is therefore in your interest to familiarize yourself with this type of return as a professional if you have a client company that uses your services. The Sudbury Tax Centre reassesses and revalues returns submitted by non-resident corporations. If the business is not resident, send returns and related correspondence to: All corporations registered in Canada must file a T2 tax return with the CRA. Businesses must complete this 8-page tax form with various schedules and other relevant tax forms to fulfill the company`s obligation to the Canadian federal government. Even some tax-exempt corporations and non-resident businesses are required to file this corporate income tax return with the CRA. You must send your tax return to the tax centre that corresponds to the address of your company`s registered office. Visit the Canada Revenue Agency website to find the tax centre that`s right for your business. At T2inc, we have deep corporate tax expertise. So we know the intricacies of preparing a T2 tax return. The T2 is the mandatory tax return form for the Canadian federal government.

The exact term for this return is “business income tax return.” Businesses are required to submit their T2 returns online using cra-approved commercial software. You must therefore take the responsibility for your registered business tax very seriously. There are few exceptions for certain types of companies, for these cases you can inquire with the tax authorities. Most Canadian businesses are required to file a corporate income tax return for each taxation year in which they exist, even if they do not have to pay tax for that year. Using professional cloud-based tax preparation software can simplify your year-end workflow for filing your client`s business statements. With Workpapers and Pro Tax integrated with QuickBooks Online Accountant, you no longer need to export and import files from one tool to another at the end of the year. If you`re a small business owner with no legal capacity or are self-employed, it`s time. Each T2 corporate income tax return must be filed no later than six months after the end of each taxation year.

However, the taxation year differs from business to business because they have to decide in the first year of the business`s existence what their fiscal year will look like. To find the address of your collection agency, simply visit the Canada Revenue Agency and Revenu Québec websites to find out where to send your T2 and CO-17 returns. You can also get all the information you need to send your return by getting a guide at your nearest post office or Service Canada office. Each business must file a corporate income tax (T2) for each tax year. Businesses can complete one of the two types of T2 instructions proposed by the Canada Revenue Agency. Every business in Canada must file the T2 tax return form within 6 months of the end of each taxation year. You have the freedom to choose the end date of the tax year for your business; You do not have to use the calendar year or December 31. It is wise to opt for a tax year end date that has taken place where there is less activity for your business. If you own multiple businesses, it`s easier to choose the same end date for all your businesses. For hardliners when it comes to paper filing, know that if your gross annual income exceeds one million dollars, Revenu Québec and the Canada Revenue Agency require you to use an online solution. And if, like many people, you`re not familiar with the web, a corporate tax professional can help you with your business taxes and even take care of sending your tax returns online. Read our tips to make sure you send your tax records to the right place! If your business has chosen a taxation year that ends on the last day of a particular month, you must file the T2 tax return no later than the last day of the sixth month following the end of the taxation year.

Here are some real-world examples: The easiest way to file our business tax return in Canada is to do business with a tax advisor. You will request the necessary documents and information mentioned above. Then, once the work is completed, they will have you sign the T183 CORP authorization. Form T183 CORP is a business return for electronic filing. Once you have reviewed your statement and signed the T183 CORP, your accountant can send the T2 tax return electronically to the Canada Revenue Agency. Therefore, talk to your business clients to determine the tax year their business will follow to ensure that the right deadlines are met. All Canadian businesses must file a T2 tax return with the Canada Revenue Agency. The law is very strict, all businesses must do so, even if your business calculating the corporation`s taxable income requires the determination of gross income, including gross sales, deductions from rebates and returns, and interest income and the sale of taxable property. You can use the CRA`s tax calculators available online. To report corporate income tax, you must file a tax return with the CRA. You file your provincial corporate income tax with your federal tax return using your business number. .